Caleb’s Mountain

Copyright 4/25/2013 By Sarah G. Pemberton

Israel 1982            

It is a good land,
Flowing with milk and honey…                     
I want that mountain.

That land is evil!
It is dangerous.
It is filled with giants who hate us!

My God is mightier than those giants.
He is bigger than that mountain.

But we saw them!
We were as grasshoppers in their eyes!

I can see the peak at a distance.
It has my name on it.
It has my children’s names on it.

But we’re so afraid.
We can’t help how we feel.

Unbelief is a lying demon.
It is buried with the Egyptians
At the bottom of the Red Sea.

How will we eat?
What shall we drink?
Where may we get meat?

Who is with me?
Joshua, you see it don’t you?

Indeed, Caleb, it is a good land.
With God on our side,
What is any giant?

Ten is a majority!
We’re not going in there!
You’re wrong to lead us to such a place!

Ten indeed,
And the Lord has given you your wish.
You have the right to die here, as you choose.

We can’t believe God would be so cruel
As to break His Promise to us!

But we, His children,
Have broken His commandments.
We are the ones who have been cruel.

We’re all going to die in this desert!
Why did we not stay in Egypt?

Forty years is a long time
To kill the mentality of a slave.

So many funerals now
For so many saved in the Passover then…
When will the funerals end?

I still see my mountain.
I will live to see the goodness of the Lord
In the Land of the Living.

We’re getting old, Caleb,
But our eyes still see
The Memory of His Promise.

Yes, it draws nearer every day.
Nearer with each funeral of unbelief.

There are not many of us left now.
(Oh, how wearisome is this manna!)

See how the Lord has sustained us
In the desert, Caleb! See my shoes?
Newer than the day we left Egypt!

My eyes have not grown dim
And I am as strong as the day
We left Egypt.

Our parents are all dead.
Aaron is dead.
Now Moses is dead.

I see a free generation which will not be
Limited by the slavery of the past.

Now, children of Israel!
Now is the time to believe
The Word of the Lord…

It is a good land,
flowing with milk and honey.
I want that mountain.

…Which our fathers rejected
In the desert!

Which Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

God forbid that we should die
Here in the wilderness
Like our fathers!

Who is with me?
Joshua, you see it don’t you?

The Lord is faithful to His promises!
As for me and my house,
We will serve the Lord!

We will obey
The Covenant of the Lord!
For we have seen His mighty works
All the days of our lives!

I can see the peak at a distance.
It has my name on it.
It has my children’s names on it.

Our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Believed the Lord for this day.

And Joseph commanded us
To carry his bones
To the tombs of our fathers.

And the name of Lord
Is written on our hearts,
As on theirs.

I want that mountain.
Let’s go…


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