“Every Place You Shall Set Your Foot…”

the long road

Copyright 5/28/13 by Sarah G. Pemberton

Every place on which the sole of your foot shall tread shall be yours…”  (Deut. 11:24)

As I was praying today, God began to show me an amazing and deeply personal thing, yet with a principle which is biblically true for all believers who will have the faith to reach out and grasp it.  As I worshipped and prayed, the power of His Grace and Presence with me was overwhelming.  As you read and pray over this blog post, I pray that Holy Spirit will download into your spirit a similar revelation about your own life, which mere information alone cannot begin to communicate.

This revelation was triggered by looking, the other night, at an old friend’s online photo album on Facebook.  It was of a city where I had made my first-ever mission trip in 1981.  Her album contained photos from her 2010 trip back to her husband’s country, and it prompted me to look at some of my own old photos from there, some of which I had likewise posted in an online album a few years ago.  So many memories came flooding back as I looked at the places still existing there today!  Many of the faces in my friend’s album were familiar.  Other faces whose names I could no longer recall came back to mind – children and teenagers who are now probably in their forties; young parents who are now grandparents; young missionaries who are now middle-aged (like me!); middle-aged missionaries, many of whom are now elderly and retired.

So today, with their faces in my mind, as freshly as if I had seen them yesterday, I found myself praying over each and every one.

Thirty-plus years ago, I had been young, often self-absorbed, immature, sincerely zealous for the Lord, yet lacking the wisdom or the healing in my own life to be very effective in any sort of true ministry.  Yet I know the call of God on my life was real.  I spent several years seeking to prepare for a career as a foreign missionary, graduating from a Christian college, and from a one-year seminary program, taking short-term mission trips to several Latin-American countries between 1981 and 1986.  But I ended up resigning from my mission society in mid-1986, after an internship in another state, for which I was sent to minister with a family planting a church with migrant farm workers.  Instead of heading to a lifetime ministry of planting churches in South America, I arrived back home in February of 1987, defeated, discouraged, confused about my calling, and feeling like a complete failure.

God has done so many mighty works of grace in my life since then, that I cannot enumerate them all here.  But today’s experience in prayer was a journey in spirit of seeing the Timeless Grace, Mercy, and Power of our Eternal God, Who already exists in what for us is the future, and Who still is Sovereign over what for us are the mistakes and regrets of the past, as well as His faithfully guiding our present.

I began to see in my spirit the faces of all the people whom I remembered from that first mission trip, and began to pray for them fiercely.  I began to prophetically declare their salvation, their deliverance from every demonic lie which has ever held their souls captive, or hijacked their destiny in Christ.  I began to envision and declare healings and miracles for those who were lame, blind, or deaf; victory for those addicted to substances or enslaved by domestic violence or poverty.  I began to ask the Father to send His angel armies to each and every place where my foot had trod in the past.  I could see these angels in my spirit, joyfully carrying the power of the Timeless Mustard Seeds of Faith – past, present, and future – for every need of every person whose life I had ever touched, however poorly I may have done so at the time.

I saw beyond that mission trip alone.  I saw every cabbie, bus driver, airline pilot, fellow passenger upon each drive or flight.  I saw waiters, waitresses, cashiers and sales clerks, hotel maids and desk clerks.  I saw people from my life all the way back to kindergarten teachers, classmates, doctors, nurses, neighbors.  Did you ever hear someone who has had a near-death experience seeing his whole life flashing before his eyes?  This was my experience today in my prayer time.  I was seeing the infinite value, in God’s Kingdom economy, of the simplest, most ordinary experiences of our lives, when they are offered in timeless faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, and intercession to the Lord Who gave us His Son, so great was His love for us, that He might redeem this world for Himself.  I saw His redemptive grace, even with those people in my life with whom I had made the worst possible mistakes and committed the worst sins.  I saw Him sending His holy angels, carrying the Blood of Jesus’ redemptive power to each and every place and situation which cried out for Him.

In short, I had an emotionally overwhelming experience of how great is the Grace of my God compared with the most gargantuan, hurtful, shameful, or embarrassing problems or failures imaginable in this earthly lifetime.

Now, I have walked with the Lord Jesus Christ for 44 years, and I have had many intense “Ah-hah!” moments of revelation of His grace and mercy.  But I began today to get a vision of just how effective we can be, despite ourselves, despite our limitations, when we offer our mustard seeds of faith to the God Who waters those seeds with His Word and causes all growth to be harvested in due season for His Kingdom purposes.  His timelessness, His lack of spatial limitations, is able to network the grace in our lives, in an eternal tapestry, along with His grace and faith in the lives of others, that together, we may see just how enormous is “Christ in us the hope of glory.” (Col. 1:27)

It is easy to keep our focus of tunnel-vision limited to our feeble selves, and fail to recognize that the anointing of the Holy Spirit corporately in all who seek His Face, in every generation, over all time, increases exponentially, as each life influences so many others, which touch so many others, which eventually all connects back to Jesus’ prophetic Words, “Make them one, even as You and I are one,” (Jn. 17:11 & 21), and “It is finished!” (Jn. 19:30).

As you meditate on the powerful words of God, “Every place on which the sole of your foot shall tread shall be yours…”  (Deut. 11:24), may you begin to see, literally, every place in your life where you have gone, every life you have ever touched, and every word you have ever spoken as a potential vehicle for intercessory prayer to bring the timeless power of the Cross to those who do not know the Lord, and to bring the healing power of His grace to deepen the spiritual walk of each person you have ever known who already loved Him.  He, in you, really is that amazing!  For a timeless God, it is not too late to pray even for those already dead; for God can hear even then the prayers you offer in confident faith even now, which you didn’t know yet how to pray at that time.  You may not know until you reach heaven the power of such prayers to transform a life, over which others gave up long ago.

Father, I thank You that Your grace is timeless, and that You waste nothing in my life.  May each reader be carried by Your holy angels on a journey which reveals that grace in every moment of every life that is offered by faith unto You; in Jesus’ Mighty Name.  AMEN.




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