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Mama's profile 3 - edit FINALThe purpose of this blog is to journal those aspects of my spiritual journey, which I hope will bless, edify and encourage others. I named the blog after the Lord’s famous words in Genesis to Abraham and Sarah, “…Go to a land that I will show you…” This is because in 1985, five different people, independently of one another, said they felt the Lord was telling me to read up on Abraham and Sarah, that the story’s message would have a powerful message for my life. It has had more prophetic symbolism for my life, so far, than I could have guessed at the time; and the fulfillment is not complete yet. I may speak more on this from time to time in the blog itself.

Who am I? I am a passionate lover of, believer in, and recipient of the grace and love of God through His Only-begotten Son Jesus Christ; I’m a believer in and recipient of the supernatural power of His Holy Spirit for His family today; I am an American Southerner, a wife, homemaker, and homeschool mother, as well as still an enthusiastic learner, years after receiving 2 1/2 degrees; I’m a gardener, amateur flower arranger; a singer, songwriter, prosewriter, poet, avid reader, when I can find the time; I’m a worship leader, short-term missionary, occasional Bible teacher, constant prayer warrior, and I love to share the things the Holy Spirit shares with me, in order to encourage those who likewise love Jesus. I am a woman who has learned to treasure the grace and mercy which has saved me time and time again from the pain and troubles of this life, as I press into God’s glory to carry me through the rest of it. I welcome you to share this journey of faith with me!

If you share differing viewpoints spiritually, then I ask you to please not use the comments on this blog for any sort of argument, theological criticism, or otherwise negative attitudes. I welcome the fellowship of those who wish to share their own stories in response, and pray God’s grace and blessing on all who choose to read this blog.



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