Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

April tornado sign

Copyright 6/26/13 by Sarah G. Pemberton

I’ve been going through a period of my life where God is speaking to me through tons of little things — signs all around me that jump out toward me with a personal message from Holy Spirit, to guide me through a rough season, and give me hope for my future.  So when I got my new eyeglasses last Thursday, I was excited that my up-close vision was excellent, but disappointed that distance vision was worse than without my glasses!  The old glasses were also useless for any distance anymore.   I have been driving with the glasses off, so I can see down the road slightly better, but still blurry.  I tried to tell the optometrist at the time, but he said, “Just try these for a couple of days and see if you adjust to them.  I’ve bought enough progressive lens glasses to know that if they’re wrong, they’re wrong.  Wobbly for a day or two, I can adjust to.  Blurry, I cannot.

I went back to the eye doctor Tuesday, and told the staff that the prescription is definitely wrong.  The farther anything gets away from me, the blurrier it is.  I can see about 20 feet, if the glasses are down to the tip of my nose; and I can see my hand in front of my face clearly, if the glasses are perched up where they normally belong.  Beyond that, everything is useless with the new glasses.  Fortunately, the advantage of being middle-aged is that far-sightedness has improved my overall distance vision where I’m at least safe to drive around town, though I can’t read unfamiliar street signs.

The technician lady checks a bunch of things and notices that when I’m looking at the chart, my vision shifts from split-second-blur-to-clear-to-blur whenever I blink.  I might have a split second of clarity when I open my eyes extra wide, or squint.

She tells me that I have all the symptoms of “dry eye,” and explains they can’t correct the Rx until the dry eye is treated with a couple of lubrication applications for a couple of weeks and the irritation to my cornea is cleared up, so they know what Rx I really need that will work.  I have to use drops four times a day or so.  I have to use an ointment in my eyes at night, while I sleep, and increase its impact by placing hot, wet compresses on my eyes after applying the ointment, before I go to sleep.  She warned that the ointment will temporarily make things blurrier, which is why that is only for bedtime.

(Interestingly, our little Dachshund is also being treated for dry eye, related to another eye condition from which she suffers.  She’s doing much better already.  Now it’s my turn.)

As the tech leaves the exam room to show her findings to confirm the diagnosis with the ophthalmologist, do you know what song is playing on the PA?  “Hold on for One More Day!” by Wilson-Philips.  (You can find it on YouTube, if you like, but I think linking is against the rules on Word Press.)

I’m sharing all this because some of you may find the prophetic, symbolic message here fitting your own lives as well.  So, for those of you left-brainers who struggle to interpret prophetic signs:

[1]  If the efforts of usual spiritual care and wisdom for your life are not successfully correcting your fuzzy, old, spiritual vision, don’t give up and call it hopeless!  Hold on for a little longer to trust and see what God can do, if you shift your usual approach to how this is done!

[2]  Check for “dryness” – a need to soak for a season in the Presence of the Holy Spirit to heal the irritations that have slowly built up, which hinder your clarity of spiritual vision.  (Acts 1-2)

[3]  Don’t get angry at the spiritual authorities God has put in your life for personal correction, just because what they first recommend doesn’t seem to be working.  Soak in worship, prayer, and meditation on the Lord’s Word until your spirit is able to stabilize into a state of God’s peace.  Then, you can maintain your focus on what will help you to cooperate for the right correction, so you can see the big picture down the road of where God is taking you.

[4]  Until you have your accurate correction, trust God for sufficient clarity to see where you’re immediately going, even if the details aren’t clear.  Don’t try to go too far outside your familiar turf, until you have the distance-range vision to clearly do so.

So, I’ll keep you posted on how things are when the “new” new glasses come in.  Meanwhile, I’ve got some soaking to do…


Caleb’s Vision: Taking that Mountain

Copyright 4/26/13 by Sarah G. Pemberton                                                                   121


There are many who dwell

At the base of The Mountain,

Few who are willing to climb it.

Fewer still build at high altitude,

Where every breath is

A Challenge to master.

Fewer still challenge the

Foreign Armies which guard it.

‘Til now, none have dared

The Giants which own it.


The base is safe.  Familiar.  Little risk.

A few may play at climbing up a ways –

Hikers enjoy a trail or two,

Blazed by others long before –

“A nice place to visit,”

Most would say,

“But only an eagle

Would want to live there.”


But upon those dizzying heights,

The eagle builds an aerie home,

And the Adventurous Pioneers boldly roam,

Compelled by the call of a Vision.

“Do you know how many annually die

Attempting to conquer that mountain?”


“But that mountain is mine,”

An Ancient Saint chimed.

“God gave me that mountain,

When I was young,

When others died

Rejecting the Promise.


With my Bow of Bronze

And my Chariot of Fire,

I’ll find Strength in my God;

I will go up much higher

Than all the naysayers

Have claimed that I should.

His Word is my Rock;

And a Cross made of Wood

Would guarantee me

The Power of Desire

As a Tree of Life,

Fulfilled for my children,

And for all I envision

To share this inheritance

Always and ever,

In the Covenant of My King.


At the base, now are many

Who are willing to fight,

To bravely pursue

Until the dawn’s light.

The battle rages fiercely,

And they hold their own ground.


But the higher I go,

Dim echoes the sound

Of the battle cries lower.

Fewer stay with me

To follow after Him:

As a Hind on high places,

I follow His Steps

As His holy commands,

By His grace, I have kept.


“Disparage not those

At the base of your mountain;”

The Lamb gently chides,

As I drink from His Fountain

Of Living Water rushing

Rushing down the steep side.

“Without their fierce fight,

You could not have slipped past

The guard of the Enemy’s Camp,

To at last make it here to the Crest –

Their lives gave you th’ Best.

Carry the Water down;

Carry it back to them.”


“But Lord, how I’ve wanted

To build my home here,

To worship You always

Where the air is so clear!

Many friends down below

Tell me that I’m forbid

To even have a right

To stay with You, hid

From the Enemy’s claws

Here on Your Holy Mountain.

They call this Vision

You gave me

A Lie,

To believe that

My place is

Yet by Your side.”


“Indeed it is true,

My Child Who believes;

There are many who claim

That this Mountain deceives.

It only deceives those

Who climb on their own,

Who fall to their deaths

Like small, shattered stones.

But to those who stay close

To the Feet of the Lamb,

It is the Gateway to Heaven’s

Full Vision so grand

To which every dear saint

Is invited to come.

So many are called,

So few call this home.


“It’s lonely at the top.”

Not just a cliché anymore.

But below in the valley,

I’ve to settle a score

With the Enemy whose lies

Cause the anguished, weak cries

Of my brethren below

Whose love supplied all

That to this height I might climb.


And so with a servant’s

Water bucket of wood,

Made from the Cross,

Which I followed this far,

I take one more glance

At the clear, so-near stars,

Descending to carry

To those down below

The Living Water so clear

Won so dearly by blood

Of brave souls on the front

Of Life’s deadliest war.

Water to refresh them,

Though they may not believe

The Source of refreshment

They desperately receive.


I will return to my mountain,

But not until all of my brothers

Have also obtained what is theirs.

Its visits as I’m able

Will keep my soul stable,

Until the time comes

To never leave it again.

Caleb’s Mountain

Copyright 4/25/2013 By Sarah G. Pemberton

Israel 1982            

It is a good land,
Flowing with milk and honey…                     
I want that mountain.

That land is evil!
It is dangerous.
It is filled with giants who hate us!

My God is mightier than those giants.
He is bigger than that mountain.

But we saw them!
We were as grasshoppers in their eyes!

I can see the peak at a distance.
It has my name on it.
It has my children’s names on it.

But we’re so afraid.
We can’t help how we feel.

Unbelief is a lying demon.
It is buried with the Egyptians
At the bottom of the Red Sea.

How will we eat?
What shall we drink?
Where may we get meat?

Who is with me?
Joshua, you see it don’t you?

Indeed, Caleb, it is a good land.
With God on our side,
What is any giant?

Ten is a majority!
We’re not going in there!
You’re wrong to lead us to such a place!

Ten indeed,
And the Lord has given you your wish.
You have the right to die here, as you choose.

We can’t believe God would be so cruel
As to break His Promise to us!

But we, His children,
Have broken His commandments.
We are the ones who have been cruel.

We’re all going to die in this desert!
Why did we not stay in Egypt?

Forty years is a long time
To kill the mentality of a slave.

So many funerals now
For so many saved in the Passover then…
When will the funerals end?

I still see my mountain.
I will live to see the goodness of the Lord
In the Land of the Living.

We’re getting old, Caleb,
But our eyes still see
The Memory of His Promise.

Yes, it draws nearer every day.
Nearer with each funeral of unbelief.

There are not many of us left now.
(Oh, how wearisome is this manna!)

See how the Lord has sustained us
In the desert, Caleb! See my shoes?
Newer than the day we left Egypt!

My eyes have not grown dim
And I am as strong as the day
We left Egypt.

Our parents are all dead.
Aaron is dead.
Now Moses is dead.

I see a free generation which will not be
Limited by the slavery of the past.

Now, children of Israel!
Now is the time to believe
The Word of the Lord…

It is a good land,
flowing with milk and honey.
I want that mountain.

…Which our fathers rejected
In the desert!

Which Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

God forbid that we should die
Here in the wilderness
Like our fathers!

Who is with me?
Joshua, you see it don’t you?

The Lord is faithful to His promises!
As for me and my house,
We will serve the Lord!

We will obey
The Covenant of the Lord!
For we have seen His mighty works
All the days of our lives!

I can see the peak at a distance.
It has my name on it.
It has my children’s names on it.

Our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Believed the Lord for this day.

And Joseph commanded us
To carry his bones
To the tombs of our fathers.

And the name of Lord
Is written on our hearts,
As on theirs.

I want that mountain.
Let’s go…